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We had a great pub night (#opendatapub) and we wanted to follow up with some thoughts of Open Data activities that you can do…

Can you believe that International Open Data Day is in its 3rd year?  We’re proud to be founders and leaders of this event. In three years we’ve learned a lot, met many talented people, started conversations, and built connections.  Even though we haven’t planned anything formal for this year’s #odhd13, we know how important it is to contribute. 

Over 85 cities and the White House are taking part this February 23rd! 

Following the success of the Open Data Ottawa hackfest #learnhackyow last December, we don’t have the capacity in our core group at the moment to hold another event on February 23rd.

Instead we’re sharing ideas for how you can participate next Saturday and beyond. All you need is an Internet connection and some time:

Go to another city’s event on Feb 23rd. Share, learn there and then bring your excitement back to ottawa for the next hackfest

Participate in the Open Data Census Challenge - help locate open (and closed) datasets in cities around the world.

Participate online from home, find data, analyse data, visualise data or write some code:
  • Just don’t forget to tag your tweets (#odhd13) and share your code and contributions
Write a blog post about an idea, a prototype or something another city is trying that you’d like Ottawa to do
  • Request a data set from the city, by emailing the city. Examples include: snow plow GPS data, crime data (currently locked up in CrimeReports site), free condom distribution locations, the big OC Transpo data set (millions of lines of bus data from onboard sensors), and food truck locations.

Help out with the behind the scenes work by joining the OKFN mailing list or wiki gnoming.

Go to a hackfest anytime!  uOttawa held one February 16 and there will be several more in Ottawa later this year from various organisations.

We’re also taking some time to think about how we want to work more closely with the community.  You can always email us  Future discussions are always taking place, keep an eye on our twitter feed @opendataottawa  And follow @rob_giggey for updates from the city’s open data lead, including the upcoming contest.

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